Welcome to sextoylab.
We test and compare toys.

Professionally tested in our own lab

We want you to have the orgasm you deserve and we take your pleasure very seriously. We understand that finding the ideal toy suited to your DNA requires deep insight into the sex toys on the market. Our (adventurous) dedicated lab techs aggregate data by simply- using them. Over and over. It’s a good job.

100% independent

The competition is fierce in the sex toy market, and we perform our testing with no bias. This means our technicians rate their favourites by conducting hours of trials, through careful examination of comparative toys- all in the spirit of providing you with the greatest self-induced, body rocking, toe pointing enjoyment.

Everyone likes to come

But not everyone feels comfortable heading into the local sex boutique and dealing with the salesperson. So- let us do all the research, and you can have all the fun. (Actually we also have fun, so it’s a win-win)

The categories we tested

Latest review

Our review approach


Our lab was created with you in mind. It starts with an extensive collection of various sex toys in identical categories manufactured by different, reputable companies. Each toy is reviewed personally by lab techs who range from sex toy newbies (not for long in this office…) to sex experts. (Yes. Being a Sextoylab technician is a real (fun) job.)

Reviewing in three steps

Select toys with care

Vibrators, clit suckers, dildos, anal plugs, you name it, we review them all. We scour the sex toy market for the most popular brands. We only review respectable and trustworthy companies with quality products.

Test in the lab

With a good sample of sex toys in the same category, our lab team conducts technical examinations to assess build quality. This data includes size, weight, battery life, material composition, versatility and portability. We use them, we drop them, we freeze them, we disassemble them and we use them on land and sea. Then, we move onto the fun stuff- pleasure competency. Time to orgasm, clitoral stimulation, prostate massage intensity and squirt potential. (that’s a messy one, but the best one.) We leave no toy unturned. And then we tell you all the glorious details openly, objectively and no-holds-barred.

Get creative and tell you all about it

Because that is what sex toys are supposed to do. Open your sexual experience to new possibilities taking your body to greater levels of sensation. And best of all- we’ve done all the gratifying groundwork for you; all you need to do is find the toy best suited for you- because we told you so.