Scoring System and Test Bench

For All The Nerdy Babes: Sextoylab Facts Portion.

A test bench is a set of experiments that we perform on the toys we review. To come up with the set of tests that will be included in a test bench, a thorough process is followed, during which many factors affect our final verdict.

Factors for including a test are:

  • Does it showcase the true capabilities of the toy?
  • Does it showcase what most people care about?
  • Does it accurately and consistently measure specific features?
  • Is it relevant to the category of that toy?
  • Is it easy to put the results of the test on a scale from 0-10?


Our ratings system calculates the performance of a toy during a specific use. To assign a rating, we first choose which of the tests matter for the performance of the toy during its specific use, and each test has a numerical value. Our evaluation for each rating is assigned simply by computing the average of all the test scores.

10 to 7.5

Toys that fall into this category, have reactions like “oh yeahhh!”; “My legs! I can’t feel my legs!” and “I saw the light!” Adjectives such as: good, very good, great, impressive, excellent, awesome, amazing, etc. also noted.

7.4 to 6.0

Toys that fall into this category are adequate for most people, but if you are a sex toy connoisseur this rating category will not satisfy you. Reactions like “That was cool”, Can I have some water? And “…maybe if we add your tongue?” Adjectives such as: not bad, decent, okay, cool, etc. also noted.

5.9 to 0.0

Toys that fall into this category are way below average. We don’t recommend purchasing toys in this rating cohort. Reactions like “meh.”, “I want my money back.” and “this sucked, and not in a good way!” And adjectives like disappointing, bad, terrible, very bad, awful, etc. also noted.

Specific Lab Tests:

  • drop test
  • water test
  • freezer test
  • battery/charging/runtime test
  • charge-plug test
  • sound recordings
  • pleasure test…ahem
  • unboxing/packaging

Sextoylab Lab Score Rating System

The lab score is calculated by summarizing the Pleasure, Versatility, Portability, Build Quality and Value section scores, giving you a universal score that can be compared across products.

Each section score is calculated based on the presence of features and results of the lab tests in each section using a proprietary system which results in a consistent score for these sections – even across different categories of products.

The toy is then easily comparable to other toys in its category for the various sections – if portability is your main concern, you can see how a given toy compares to others in the same category for portability.


Sextoylab checks listings for each toy on any stores that the product is carried, for any given country, and will update the price on an automated basis. You can easily compare the price for the same toy across the most common stores online. Sextoylab may receive commission for those stores in the event it has an agreement in place to do so.

Store Ratings

Sextoylab periodically reviews independent review sources for sex toy stores in order to aggregate those ratings for easy viewing. These reviews are checked and updated periodically and are not based on customer reviews captured by sextoylab. Sextoylab does not “review” or “rate” these stores and simply aggregates reviews from various independent customer review platforms.